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Triple Crown Shipping and Logistics (TCSL) was established on November 2004 by Mr. Ishwar Jodha who had over three decades of experience in the liner industry. Later on, Mr. Ramesh Pillai joined TCSL who had vast experience in the forwarding industry. The combination of the liner and forwarding experience aided the development and expansion of TCSL.

Initially, through an alliance at a well-known local forwarding company, TCSL successfully started approaching companies to book cargo. Later on, we started operating on our own through networks we joined. Within the first year of operations, TCSL was a force to reckon with, in the FCL container forwarding both in UAE and abroad. Ever since November 2004, TCSL has been able to increase its workforce to aggressively pursue new businesses and expand the range of services offered.

Soon, TCSL had a substantial volume of business ex-China and the Oriental countries. As a result, TCSL was invited to join the China Global Logistics Network (CGLN). CGLN is the Chinese arm of the World Cargo Alliance (WCA), a renowned and aggressive consortium of independent forwarders. It is a testimony of TCSL’s active membership in this consortium that it has been recommended to customers and new agents looking for partners in U.A.E on several occasions.

In 2009 TCSL was invited to represent PPG, Projects Professional Group as the exclusive agent in Dubai, a decision was then made to forgo the exclusive membership for WWPC. This association has facilitated our gradual growth in project shipments to a larger scale. We are now working with world-wide partners known to be the best in the field of project forwarding. We are exclusive in-house forwarders for some very large project shippers. Project shipment has been our target for a while now. TCSL is on its way to become a leading project forwarder. We are proud to state that our strength as a project specialist is among the best in the world. In such a short period, TCSL has been able to offer many services including project logistics and personal effects shipments through constant innovation. At the moment, TCSL has an impressive worldwide network of partners.

TCSL was invited to join Marco Polo Lines ‘s (MPL) exclusive network in 2008 and since then have extended the reach of agency and partnerships further to all participating countries. MPL members represent every continent and are experts in their fields, TCSL has been one of the most active members of this network and testimony of that can be seen from a letter addressed by the network management also TCSL hosted about 90 members of this network for a four day conference in Dubai in 2009.

With the experienced and respected industry stalwarts at the helm of TCSL the company has a perfect blend of experience and youth. The management team has a combined experience of 60 years. TCSL is geared and ready for growth and at the same time focused on our core mission of keeping all our stake holders i.e., our customers, agents, employees and the community satisfied and happy.

“Ever since its establishment in 2004, Triple Crown Shipping and Logistics (TCSL)  has strived to maintain high ethical standards and  provide services that add value to our customers, and become a company trusted and chosen by all of its customers and staff.

TCSL  is currently focusing on leveraging its strengths in the region to offer Solutions for all logistics business activity. TCSL remains committed to collaborating closely with each and every one of its business partners to create the best experience of working with us, not only to our customers but anyone associated with TCSL.

In addition to fulfilling our social responsibilities, our employees continue to focus all of our  resources to provide professional services to meet our client needs. To that end, we would like to ask for your continued support and patronage to help us serve all our clients.”

Ishwar Jodha

Managing Director

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Triple Crown Shipping and Logistics (TCSL) was established on November 2004 by Mr. Ishwar who had over three decades of experience in the liner industry.

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